How strange

To think of you.

It’s great

It’s terrifying

I always find you

wandering my thoughts,

what do you look for

in the corners of my mind?

Doesn’t it scare you

that all you find is you,

and my chaotic thoughts.

I like to think about the things

That I want to keep


How strange

To think of you.

Image source: Thinking About You by Kumi Muttu



i never knew their names,

my companion stars.

but i was familiar with their comfort.

i’d squint at those little lights,

winking in sympathetic synchronization,

until my eyes,

blurry with a thousand tears,

began to cross

and then closed

taking me into sleep.

In my dreams,

I was free really free.

Here, nothing could touch me.

I was gliding,

high above the ancient knotted trees

of castle courtyard,

with cool wind blowing in my face.

I felt safer.

I felt braver.


We have to let ourselves to commit mistakes.

We are not always going to make the best, but we can’t spend our lives wondering what if.

We are all the same and inevitably, we are going to screw up.

We can’t sit around and feel sorry for ourselves.

Mistakes make us to eventually get things right.


It takes time to love youself,

but I promise you,

it’s worth the trouble


Vociferous times bring out the artist in us:

for creativity is our weapon against the penury of our lives;

so write for the chaotic thoughts,

splatter paint of the dread happening inside you

dance your way into the fray

for this is our way to


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