Wherever my feet may take me

I like disappearing every 25th of December Because aside from it’s Christmas Day, it’s also my birthday.

I’ve been doing this for like 5 years already and yet people still ask me why. Haha I don’t know exactly know why people do not understand but hey it’s my day! Give me my day haha

It’s like I am going to greet everyone Merry Christmas, go to church, go to cemetery, do my godmother duties, and spend some time with the family and then bail out jk

And then, I am on it.

No phone,

No internet.

No texts,

No calls.

Just me

My pen and

My thoughts.

Last year, my feet brought me to a great place; a very silent, peaceful yet a really beautiful place.

I wonder where I will be this year 🤭

There is just really something that I am stoked about

Wherever my feet may take me.

I will follow my feet wholeheartedly.

Any idea? My feet might consider hahaha



“I am both happy and sad at the same time, and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.”

Too preoccupied to write something worth reading.


The dance of the river gush

Bearing with grace

A facade to thought

Demanding the plays of the mind

And commanding the attention of the foe

For the melody travels down thw abyss,

Where the soul is gleaming

Canvas of novelty,

Where artistry is born,

And blossoms into a pillar of thought.

Of rebellious temper, sweet optimistic truth

Thay says to innovate is to break barriers

Not just of one mind but of many

A seed of knowledge is planted

A seed that will grow

Into a tree born of inquisitive will.

Making it as the basis for

The dwelling of abstraction

Fundamental in complexity

Yet in solitude within the masses.

Orchestrated medley of chaos,

Lucid, but disorganized several ideas competing for dominance –

The very definition of disarray

Yet on further examination the reader realizes that this,

Expression free of structural restrain,

Is in the true spirit of coherent.

Demanding the courage to endure,

Eternity in the prison of flow,

In the prison of artistry,

In the prison of knowledge,

The strength, forbearance to withhold,

To the patience to unite these entities in spite of it all.

Painting by Derek Magill

Smile! It’s Christmas time and preparations

Lights and colors and decorations

Glimmering eyes and expectations

Happy moments and celebrations

But something’s missing, its not the same

None of the gifts bears your name

Your face is only present in a frame

Despite my wishes you never came

Miss you nana ❤