If pen and brush are to move in every direction,

there will be books that call for burning of books,

paintings that torture the artist; and

poems that kill the poet

Image source:
Jean-Léon Gérôme’s The Death of Caesar,

Published by huedspirit

20 something wandering wonderer

29 thoughts on “if

      1. Every piece of art you create, you give it a part of your heart, your mind and your time. That’s consciously Killing a part of you so that you take birth again, even stronger this time.

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      2. Bharath, good day to you. I will like to ask a question or advice. What ways can I adopt to make my readers comment on post they read. Cos, I seldom have comments, on each piece posted.


      3. I’m no expert but start commenting on other blogs, initiate a conversation like you did with me and wait for them to respond.
        You can always leave a question at the end of your blog post asking people for their opinion.

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