I cannot fathom

how you gather such energy

to loathe as vehemently as you do.

I look around and I see a wounded world –

statues of angels

weeping in the wake

of tragic suffering

hearts weighed against the want

of worthless paper –

the currency of cruelty;

a selfish prayer for salvation.

the Earth is bleeding

and its ocean weep –

do you reall seek

to add to the darkness?

bitter girls; choking

on their own venom –

projecting her own insecurities

upon the innocent.

you only taint the air you breathe.

gray clouds for a black heart

and I pity you

crawling through

those shards of broken beauty –

the realms you ruined –

ruined with your own hands.

Artwork by Maine artist Laurie Proctor
Fairfield, Maine

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