once she was whole
the world held sparkle and shine
the laughter on her vivacious lips
traveled up to meet her eyes filled with wonder
and the sun bursts from her beating heart
trust was freely given and
love was easily tumbled into

the first one who broke her
took the wonder from her eyes,
and replaced it with haunting and
brimming unusual sorrow;
he slipped her to the void
and with amusement watched her
cried for abyss.

the second one was different.
his eyes shimmered too.
but his mouth only spoke arrows
that pierced her heart through.
he pushed her off the cliff
then blamed her for the fall
and acted like she never mattered at all.

the next one took her laughter
and traded it with tears
the one after that took her body
and gave it away for thrills.
again, and again they broke her
pieces by pieces
until she finally vanished

by now the world had lost its sparkle
her patchwork heart barely breathing;
no longer shines so fine bright
her soul went blank with sorrow
from being tossed out like trash everytime
her lips are cracked
from screaming the silent burning words of pain

so when you see her hollow eyes
and judge the words she say
know that her guttemouth
belongs to the ones who took eveything away
the filth they fed her
until she choked on all their lies
now taints every word that comes from her mouth.

wrote this few months ago. This is the middle aged woman’s story. I met at a hospital and we kinda click so she told me her story.

Image Source: Bloody Mouth by Thomas Saliot

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