About – Janine

Hello! I’m Janine,  a teacher by profession and wanderer at heart. I started blogging since thirteen and I still do it right now. It has become something I do to express myself.

I don’t exactly know what to write about me lol

There are times when I don’t feel like I want to be a human and I just want to be like one of the colorful colors that exist.

So yep, cheers to the colorful soul!

11 thoughts on “About – Janine

  1. Hello Blogger. I am humbled and excited, first to know you & the great stuff you’re doing here, and also I am honoured by you having created the time to visit my blog and follow. Thank you.
    I must confess, the way you spoke of yourself here sounds really interesting & real.
    Also, I am still going through your works, for now I will say they are excellent. I have a particular admiration for the one titled STAR.
    Forgive me for saying so much, however, keep up! Looking forward to having a great time on your blog. GOD’s BLESSINGS!

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  2. Hi, Janine—
    Just stopped by to welcome you to annieasksyou. I’m delighted to have you join me and hope you’ll visit often and comment as you see fit.
    And I’ll be back soon to learn more about you through your posts.

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