About – Janine

Hello! I’m Janine Bonifacio, I’m a teacher by profession and wanderer at heart. I started blogging since thirteen and I still do it right now. It has become something I do whenever I want to express myself.

I don’t exactly know what to write about me lol

Sometimes, when I don’t feel like a human, I just want to be like colorful colors.


8 thoughts on “About – Janine”

  1. Hello Blogger. I am humbled and excited, first to know you & the great stuff you’re doing here, and also I am honoured by you having created the time to visit my blog and follow. Thank you.
    I must confess, the way you spoke of yourself here sounds really interesting & real.
    Also, I am still going through your works, for now I will say they are excellent. I have a particular admiration for the one titled STAR.
    Forgive me for saying so much, however, keep up! Looking forward to having a great time on your blog. GOD’s BLESSINGS!

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