Excerpt Entry #2: I Promise

Promise me something,” I asked gently, grabbing a hold of her small hands. The coldness in her is striking against my warmth.


I take in a deep breath, looking deep into her stormy eyes. It broke me to know that she couldn’t see herself the way that I and the rest of the world saw her; beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Words would never be fit enough to describe her perfectly. “Promise me you’ll never change. My words are warm and light yet they seem to catch her off guard. I can tell by the way her eyes widen, then slightly crinkle with confusion.

The world was a cruel place that exceeded at changing people in twisted ways. I’d seen it happen many times. An innocent girl turned bad because of societies views, a kind hearted boy now spiteful and cold because people demanded for stereotypical behavior. The popular crowd that eats up good people and spits them out as a completely new person.

Our views on how the world works are unreasonable. It’s not society who changes us, but the people that influence us.

“I promise,” she responds quietly with that beautiful smile that never failed to send the butterflies in my stomach wild. I grin back, squeezing her hands in appreciation. She is perfect in every way, and I did’t want her to think she had to change. Society couldn’t get to her, and I wouldn’t let it. “But promise me you’ll never change as well,“ she asks playfully.


Excerpt Entry #1 : Goodbye

“She was light and sunshine. Every room she walked into light up like nothing I’d ever seen before. She smiled at everyone, talked and laughed” he choked on the words blurring on the paper in front of him.

“She was one of a kind. Always trying to the good in everyone around her, even if they gave her reasons not to”, he wiped away a tear on the back of his too new suit.”But I guess she never saw what everyone else did. She was fighting a darkness inside her no one could see. She was a mess but still managed to smile for us”

Her mother sobs in the front pew, her father holding her tightly, trying to keep her together. “But even though she was a fighter. This was one fight she couldn’t do forever”, his voice shakes as he looks over the coffin. “I’ll always remember her, I’ll always love her, and I hope that she isn’t in the dark anymore”

Hi everyone! Let’s bring light for the people who are suffering in darkness. Let us be there for them and listen to their silent cries.