evening sky

i stared up at the moon,

it’s soft yellow light illuminating the surrounding sky,

bringing into contrast the nearby dancing stars.

around me was nothing but a thick blanket of darkness

and i found myself slowly engulfed by it,

as i lay down

on the damp grass

to face the evening sky


I wake up to sky as blue as ice cream,
wilderness encircles me.
I am the wind and the trees,
my limbs are ice-melted streams.
The birds tell of all that they’ve seen,
rabbits run around my feet,
everything smells like mint and cypress.
Here, my tongue is an autumn leaf.
I am safe and I am far away.
My past can’t touch me here; nothing can.
I beling tonthe forest,
I am a dryad: unknown and nameless.
I fall asleep to the crisp frosty air,
the night sky is an aquarium above me,
I dive in
and become a fish
and seep into the stars.

it’s okay

sometimes, it’s okay to gaze at full moon while on a long bus ride and dream with your eyes open.

sometimes, it’s okay to feel poetic and express your inner self, and it’s okay not to feel lonely or suffer solitude but to be a chatter box.

it’s okay to act like a wild child when someone very close is around or want to just be carefree.

Best of all it’s okay to have dream to be a part of a story or any beautiful book in which you will live happily ever after.

Sometimes, it’s okay to dream like an idiot.

Dream about anything. Dream about life and let the child within you dream. Let it free!

Let it free.

Let it scream and hold for a moment to hear that echoing sound that bounces back from the past.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

Art by; nintooner


We are all complicated.

Since when was being complicated a bad thing? Isn’ that supposed to be a good thing?

Complicated: consisting of many interconnecting parts.

I mean if you think about what’s wrong with having many parts or sections in your mind, your personality, or thought process. Will youn find anything?

If you imagine a world where everyone is called “not complicated”, everyone would seem to be dumb and empty headed.

Art by: Trina Merry