Cold Hands

Ever since, every time my hands get cold and pale nanay used to hold my hands So, every time nanay’s hands get cold, I learned to do the same. Months ago, Exactly during the cold rainy night of August We were in a place surrounded by wonderland of clean sterile environment that smells strongly likeContinue reading “Cold Hands”


once she was whole the world held sparkle and shine the laughter on her vivacious lips traveled up to meet her eyes filled with wonder and the sun bursts from her beating heart trust was freely given and love was easily tumbled into the first one who broke her took the wonder from her eyes,Continue reading “GUTTERMOUTH”

evening sky

i stared up at the moon, it’s soft yellow light illuminating the surrounding sky, bringing into contrast the nearby dancing stars. around me was nothing but a thick blanket of darkness and i found myself slowly engulfed by it, as i lay down on the damp grass to face the evening sky


The dance of the river gush Bearing with grace A facade to thought Demanding the plays of the mind And commanding the attention of the foe For the melody travels down thw abyss, Where the soul is gleaming Canvas of novelty, Where artistry is born, And blossoms into a pillar of thought. Of rebellious temper,Continue reading “FACETS OF WRITING”

night bird

Human heart is like a night bird silently waiting for something, and when time comes, it flies straight towards it. photo artist: Chelsea


If pen and brush are to move in every direction, there will be books that call for burning of books, paintings that torture the artist; and poems that kill the poet Image source: Jean-Léon Gérôme’s The Death of Caesar,

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