The Magic of Bookcrossing

I reunited with my book!

Two years ago, I left this book somewhere in Intramuros because I love the idea of bookcrossing.

Guess what!!! A week ago, a friend called and told me that she found my book somewhere in Intramuros din! I got so curious about the book because she told me that there are scribbles written on the pages so I told her to bring it back to me and tadaaaaaa! These are some scribbles written on the book, there are a lot more tho and some are looking for textmates. I never ever thought about crossing path with this book again but look! I love its broken spine, folded and tan pages and I think I should go leave this book somewhere again so that Tom Sawyer could continue his adventures. How cool is that? 🙊Sorry but this is like magic to me! 😂

The letter I wrote for the reader
Notes from the reader

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Cold Hands

Ever since,
every time my hands get cold and pale
nanay used to hold my hands

So, every time nanay’s hands get cold,
I learned to do the same.

Months ago,
Exactly during the cold rainy night of August
We were in a place surrounded by wonderland of clean sterile environment that smells strongly like cheap disinfectant

It was midnight,

I sat on one of the two chairs beside the bed

I noticed something, she doesn’t look okay.
nanay’s hands got so cold.

Soooo cold that it made everyone
come rushing into her room.

My hands were cold.

I was not frightened nor I was afraid.

What I felt was beyond mere nouns.

I froze for a moment.

What went wrong??
I tried to hold her hands
for a few seconds,
for a few minutes,
for almost an hour
but that night was different,
nanay’s hand stayed cold for a long time.

that night,
I realized that her hands can get even colder.
and that night,
I realized that
I’ll never again,
feel nanay’s warmth.

I miss my grandma.


Isn’t life strange?

No one has any idea what to do with it, not really.

They know what they ‘should’ do with it bases on what society or people around say.

Fall in love but not too often

Travel the world but not for too long, you have a career

Make money, but not too much that you forget who you are

Be kind, but not so kind that you are taken advantage of

Be strong but not stronger than someone ranked higher than you

Trust people but not everyone

There are so many things people get told on how to live their own lives by other people. But maybe we should accept life for what it is.

Days that air is in our lungs,

A heart that still beats and

A mind that still wonders about the things we don’t know about.

Life is strange,

but it’s incredibly wonderful that we are given it.


“I always loved swimming.

I loved the feel of water rippling against my body until I found the worst way was to be scared of drowning.”

Read an article this morning and I kinda like to write about it.


How strange

To think of you.

It’s great

It’s terrifying

I always find you

wandering my thoughts,

what do you look for

in the corners of my mind?

Doesn’t it scare you

that all you find is you,

and my chaotic thoughts.

I like to think about the things

That I want to keep


How strange

To think of you.

Image source: Thinking About You by Kumi Muttu


I never knew their names,

my companion stars.

but i was familiar with their comfort.

i’d squint at those little lights,

winking in sympathetic synchronization,

until my eyes,

blurry with a thousand tears,

began to cross

and then closed

taking me into sleep.

In my dreams,

I was free really free.

Here, nothing could touch me.

I was gliding,

high above the ancient knotted trees

of castle courtyard,

with cool wind blowing in my face.

I felt safer.

I felt braver.