We have to let ourselves to commit mistakes.

We are not always going to make the best, but we can’t spend our lives wondering what if.

We are all the same and inevitably, we are going to screw up.

We can’t sit around and feel sorry for ourselves.

Mistakes make us to eventually get things right.

Forgive youself.

It’s fine.


It takes time to love youself,

but I promise you,

it’s worth the trouble


Vociferous times bring out the artist in us:

for creativity is our weapon against the penury of our lives;

so write for the chaotic thoughts,

splatter paint of the dread happening inside you

dance your way into the fray

for this is our way to


Image source: http://legacy.awbw.org/awbw/programs-sac-exhibit


If pen and brush are to move in every direction,

there will be books that call for burning of books,

paintings that torture the artist; and

poems that kill the poet

Image source:
Jean-Léon Gérôme’s The Death of Caesar,


When will you step out of your cage

And I will get rid off my shackles

Our star will shine so bright

Boiling emotions will wait for eruption

An explosion

so strong that we will only see each other

the ocean will move

lands will crash

mountains will fall

then we will be happy.


I cannot fathom

how you gather such energy

to loathe as vehemently as you do.

I look around and I see a wounded world –

statues of angels

weeping in the wake

of tragic suffering

hearts weighed against the want

of worthless paper –

the currency of cruelty;

a selfish prayer for salvation.

the Earth is bleeding

and its ocean weep –

do you reall seek

to add to the darkness?

bitter girls; choking

on their own venom –

projecting her own insecurities

upon the innocent.

you only taint the air you breathe.

gray clouds for a black heart

and I pity you

crawling through

those shards of broken beauty –

the realms you ruined –

ruined with your own hands.

Artwork by Maine artist Laurie Proctor
Fairfield, Maine