The Magic of Bookcrossing

I reunited with my book!
Two years ago, I left this book somewhere in Intramuros because…


Isn’t life strange? No one has any idea what to do with it, not really. They know what they ‘should’ do with it bases on what society or people around say. Fall in love but not too often Travel the world but not for too long, you have a career Make money, but not tooContinue reading “L-I-F-E”


“I always loved swimming. I loved the feel of water rippling against my body until I found the worst way was to be scared of drowning.” Read an article this morning and I kinda like to write about it.


How strange To think of you. It’s great It’s terrifying I always find you wandering my thoughts, what do you look for in the corners of my mind? Doesn’t it scare you that all you find is you, and my chaotic thoughts. I like to think about the things That I want to keep andContinue reading “STRANGE”


I never knew their names, my companion stars. but i was familiar with their comfort. i’d squint at those little lights, winking in sympathetic synchronization, until my eyes, blurry with a thousand tears, began to cross and then closed taking me into sleep. In my dreams, I was free really free. Here, nothing could touchContinue reading “STARS”