We could die, anytime

At any given moment, we could die.

There could be an accident, a crash, the whole word could explode.

The worst part would not be dying

it would be

dying with the regret and saying

“I wish I did that…”

Live your life to the fullest!

Ocean Blues

There this was this period in my life not too long ago in which I would go the beach almost every other day because its summer, its vacation and I have time. After our morning jog, it was fun to just say “Let’s go to the beach!” and just walk there and just collect shells or run from the tide.

I miss the beach, I always miss listening to its symphonic monotonous tone, the soft sand, the wind that seemed to glide with the beat and the crashing waves that make me feel that I can yell and no one can hear me. With the sea, you can cry and it just fades into the roar of the waves because it’s close to infinity as we can get.

Now that I’m stuck in school and home, I can’t steal time from my schedule and certain things give me the most nostalgia of the ocean whenever I encounter poems and stories or see a painting of an ocean. Or when I’m close to a pool in some places I go and I smell the chemicals, I get really sad and nostalgic. The sea felt like home than anything else in this world.

I want my ashes thrown in the ocean so that when ever my loved ones visit my grave and are reminded of what I used to be, they are staring at a beautiful blue sea.